Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Getting back at mst

Hi guys!

Our dear Matt S. Trout's latest blog post is entitled "Exciting days ahead". Oh boy, I'm sure "exciting" is a very nice word. And no, I'm not speaking about the brand new Perl 5.12.1.

See, that post is dated April 14. That's over a month, and as such waaaaay past the Ironman Challenge's 10-day deadline. If I remember correctly, and he made sure to say this over and over again:

"If I lose, I'm gonna let you guys pick a colour and a theme, and I'll do a talk about that theme with my hair dyed on that colour"

Well, folks, it's time to collect!! =)

Note: Granted, mst is a rather polemic character in our community. Love him or hate him, his contributions to modern Perl and to making the Ironman Challenge and the whole Perl blogging initiative the enormous success it is, are completely undeniable. He knows I'm blogging about this right now (though he likely doesn't know about my poor gimp talent) and is about to do a "press conference" on the subject himself - I just found it funny that no one said anything until now! Also, I lost the ironman challenge several times since I entered it, and likely so did you - the whole project of getting the Perl word out there is awesome and I'm sure all of us will keep doing it. The point is, none of us made half-drunk promises about not failing :PP


  1. He can't be green since I plan on having green hair for YAPC. I don't want people to confuse us :)

  2. I'd put forward "Bright as F@#! Yellow" by Special Effects for its name alone but it'd take months to properly fade out. :-)

  3. I vote for transparent, meaning we shave his head :)

  4. Colour: bright rainbow stripes.

    Theme: corporate Perl.


  5. I have not entered the challenge, so I can't vote, but I will say that Stevan Little has evil thoughts.


  6. ++rainbow... although I think we should use something with UV so he glows under a black light. unfortunately I won't really get to enjoy it, because I can't afford to go.