Wednesday, 6 October 2010

One Click Installers for Perl Web Apps on Dreamhost

Love it or hate it, Dreamhost is one of the most popular web hosting services out there. One of the reasons is their one-click install feature, letting people install opensource software for their web publishing needs like Wordpress, MediaWiki, Trac, Drupal and several others, automatically.

Now it's our chance to add some Perl apps there too! If you are part of an app's community, Dreamhost created a "One-click installer" submitter form for developers, where you can add your app up for evaluation. In their own words, it's "a unique chance to get some great exposure; thousands of DreamHost customers would see it every day!"

How about it, then? MovableType? Melody? MojoMojo? From what I can tell, everyone is welcome - just fill the form (you will need to provide a contact email) and cross your fingers :)

And if you really want to get to them, it appears they are starting an experimental program with all the developers using Dreamhost. Just sign in their developer mailing list.

What I would really want to see from Dreamhost is Catalyst already installed - or at least a lighter/simpler framework like Mojolicious/Mojolicious::Lite or Dancer. They already come with Rails support, so why not Perl as well? Spread the word, let's make some noise! :D


  1. Yeahh !! We need perl frameworks and perl apps in the One-click installer of Dreamhost.

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