Friday, 16 October 2009

make a video for YAPC::Brasil 2009!

Hey everyone! A lot of time without blogging, been really busy with work and almost all of my free time has been dedicated to making YAPC::Brasil happen - spawning a big Perl conference is a lot of work!

In case you haven't already heard of it, from october the 30th to November 1st, we're working hard to put forth the greatest and largest Perl-only event in the entire Latin America, celebrate the Joy of Perl among ourselves, and tempt everyone else to join us in developing the programming language that has the happiest users! Humble goals, huh? :-)

We're still learning the ropes, so we refrained from making too much international buzz about it, or inviting foreigners to come to this year's edition. This way we can improve and mature our organization, and next year provide an event of international proportions - maybe even pay for travel and expenses of some keynotes (many thanks to all sponsors who are helping us trying to stay above the red line).

Even so, we could really use your international support!

Make a short video of just a few seconds stating your name (and cpan/irc id if you have them), location, and give us a shout! Here's a standard boilerplate example:

"Hi there! This is $name, from $location, author of $foo. Welcome to YAPC::Brasil 2009, enjoy the conference!"

That alone would be amazing, but please keep in mind it doesn't have to be that short, and of course you're free to be as creative as you want in any words of motivation you guys may have for us. Let the Brazilian Perl community see for themselves that we're just part of a whole, and that Perl is used and widely supported all over the World! Hopefully we'll be able to put up a 5-10 minute long compilation to show in the conference opening ceremony.

Oh! Almost forgot! Send the video to garu at yapcbrasil dot org dot br - thanks :-)

Become a part of the YAPC::Brasil today! And maybe in the following years we'll be fortunate enough to enjoy your physical presence there as well :-)

Thanks edenc for giving this amazing video shouting idea for the event, and perigrin for reminding me to blog about it :D

And many many thanks to you, for taking the time to record and send that video to us!