Sunday, 27 September 2009

Geeks love Perl!

Of course, you most likely already knew about this, seeing Perl featured in not one, but two episodes of popular tv show Chuck, and knowing it is the programming language with the happiest users.

But now John Dalton, LibraryThing's systems administrator, used LibraryThing's tagmash feature to come up with some hard data evidence of the difference between geeks and nerds:

As you can see, Perl is not just the only programming language mentioned, it is also looking as popular as Linux itself!

What are you waiting for? Join the revolution! Learn Perl now and see for yourself why we all like it so much :-)

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Padre 0.45 "stable" released!

It is again with enormous pleasure that I announce Padre, the Perl IDE, on it's 0.45 release. We are trying to mark some special releases as "stable", somewhat sync'd to rakudo (for our "six" win32 release that bundles Padre with Perl 6), so downstream packagers can do their thing without pulling their hair out for us issuing so many releases (last month, on Padre's birthday, we had 3 releases on a 10-day span). As a result, this release has only bugfixes and translation updates - both more than enough reason for an upgrade :-)

Also, this has some sentimental value for me as it is my last release of Padre. We have a very nice rotation scheme going on and Ryan52 volunteered for this month, so I gladly handed off the baton - it's been great, but I must confess I do need some vacation from the responsibility!

Many many thanks to all of you for making Padre such a great IDE for Perl, be it developing or just using it. Also, a big cheer to all translators who's time has been put to Padre - your help is very much appreciated!

Hey, maybe now I'll actually have time to blog about something other than Padre releases. Yay :-)