Monday 25 May 2009

Catalyst/Mojo Plugins for Padre now in 8 languages!

Catalyst is an amazing web framework, but requires a little learning effort before you get to do all the cool stuff. Mojo still needs some work (specially documentation-wise) but it's catching up as a solid simple-yet-powerful alternative for web development, specially if you're Perl begginer. As you may know, both of them have Padre plugins to further easen your developing process. To make it even easier, the new versions of Padre::Plugin::Mojolicious (0.02) and Padre::Plugin::Catalyst (0.03) now have localization support, so menu and messages can be displayed in your native tongue! Problem is, I don't know what your native tongue is ;)

Right now, they're already translated in these languages (besides original english, of course):
Is your native tongue not listed? Then please add support for it! You can find both plugins on Padre's svn repository. Let me know if you need any help creating a .po file from messages.pot. Also, since both Cat and Mojo plugins share almost the same messages, if you translate one of them, the other should be a quick and easy copy/paste process. Heck, I can even do it for you if you're too lazy ;)

Many thanks to all translators! Also, many thanks to jq, who did an excellent job adding translation support for plugins on Padre, and to szabgab++ for the impressive effort on enabling translation for all plugins under Padre's svn repo. Now we could really use your help translating not only these, but all of Padre's plugins!

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