Monday 17 August 2009

Padre 0.43 released!

Padre 0.43 was (finally) released! Only 16 days after our birthday release, we already have a lot of new features and several improvements, starting with a beautiful splash screen. Maybe we change the image on a somewhat regular basis like the Gimp project does, who knows? :-)

On the "new stuff that you're gonna love", we have:

  • "Quick menu access" option that let's you quickly browse through and select menu options without ever leaving the keyboard. Just press Ctrl-3 and start typing!
  • "Open Resource" option is also a great help to quickly find files inside any resources directory. Just type Ctrl-Shift-R and off you go.
  • Padre's search engine has been refactored and is dazzling fast! Also, if you select text (1 line or less) and press F3, it will do an active search for the selected entry without even invoking the Find dialog.
  • The directory browser now has an "open in file browser" option that opens the requested file/folder in your default file browser. Just right-click on any item on the directory tree to view the option (among others).
  • If you have Syntax Checking enabled, you can now use the new "Next Problem" option that points you to the line where the (next) detected problem is!
  • All PPI-based features now fully support perl 5.10.
  • The new Help Search option (F2) let's you browse through perl's documentation with ease.

We also had a lot of work on the "Important stuff that's not so visible" category, like reducing our dependencies, upgrading plugin support internals, testing and bug-fixing.

As usual, many many thanks to all Padre developers and translators for all their work (join us if you haven't already), and to all the users out there - the Padre project would not be half what it is without you!

Cheers, and until next time!

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