Friday 31 July 2009

On Padre's birthday, a gift to you (0.42 released!)

It is with enormous pleasure that I present Padre, the Perl IDE, release #42.

As you may have known from previous posts, this Monday was the 1st anniversary of Padre! Everybody got together over the weekend and several improvements and bugfixes were made. We even got a brand new Padre logo, the Blue Morpho Butterfly. Check it out above!

A few other highlights of the biggest Changelog we had since release 0.21 (weird, huh?!):

  • The Directory Browser is not only prettier, faster and more useful than ever (with a built in search engine and some DWIM behavior) but now also has a panel on the left side of Padre all for itself called "project tools". Alias++ && gabrielmad++.

  • Azawawi++ implemented smart highlighting, and now whenever you double click on a word will not only select it as usual but also show a green squiggle for each mathing word on that same document.

  • Azawawi also got to finish his work on initial support for Padre actions, which means an action can be re-used by anything running on Padre. This will most definitely have a major positive impact on future development of the project.

  • Bricas++ added a "right margin" option which will show a tiny vertical line at the specified column. This is a really cool visual aid if you don't want to get your strings beyond 78 characters or whatever standard you may have. Incidentally, he is also the maintainer of the PerlTidy plugin, which might help you even more on tidying you code.

  • Alias also added two new options: "Close This Project" to close all open files in the same project as the current file, and "Close Other Projects" to do the opposite. Something everybody used to editing several projects at the same time were really looking forward to.

As usual, many thanks are in order to everybody who got involved directly or indirectly in this release of Padre. And make sure to keep bug reports and wishlists coming!

Oh, one more thing: being a special "birthday edition", this release has a commemorative title on the main Padre window. Make sure you drop by #padre on and help us go through enough changes/fixes so we can release 0.43 even better (and without that title :P)


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