Friday 17 July 2009

Padre 0.40 released!

It is with great pleasure that I announce Padre 0.40 is just fresh out of the oven!

This is a special release of Padre, The Perl IDE, on very different accounts:

  • Adam Kennedy++ ran his new toy (CPANDB with dependency Graphs) on Padre and was able to eliminate about 10 Padre dependencies, including some pretty hairy ones with lots of FAIL reports on CPAN Testers. This not only makes Padre lighter, but also greatly enhances chances of a successful install, and makes it really easier to package.

  • Our newest contributor, Gabriel Vieira++, committed several improvements to the Directory Browser (view -> directory tree), making it way faster and more usable than before.

The brand new Padre 0.40 should arrive at your nearest CPAN mirror in no time. Please report any problems or feature requests to our request tracker or on #padre at We're really excited and expecting to do a lot of work now that we're so close to Padre's "birthday release".

As usual, many thanks are also in order to all of Padre's unsung heroes, and just about everyone that helps us directly or indirectly turn it into one of the best IDEs for Perl development out there.

Have fun!

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