Thursday 23 July 2009

Padre 0.41 released!

Wow, not even a week passed and we already have a new version for you!

Aside from the usual bugfixes, Padre 0.41 has the following changes:

  • The deprecated and rarely visible "experimental mode" was completely removed;
  • Ahmad Zawawi++ is doing a huge revamp on Padre's internals (sorry, you'll have to wait for the birthday edition to get all the benefits), and thanks to him now run_command in a separate window works in win32 to support prompt('...') in Perl 6 and in Perl 5;
  • The long awaited find/replace inside selections feature is finally implemented for your refactoring pleasure
  • Also, Gabor Szabo++ created a brand new syntax highlighter configuration system. Plugins now can add more syntax highlighters and users can pick one per mime-type. Some plugins already support this (such as the Parrot and Perl 6 ones) so if you have them enabled you can already change your preferred highlighter (from Scintilla to, for example);
  • Last but not least, Gabriel Vieira++ just kept going with his changes on the directory view. This time, not only does Padre got some really nice artwork for folders and files on the tree view, but also users are now able to drag and drop their files around.

With this brand new 0.41 release, we open the gates for this weekend's Padre birthday festival. I'll probably blog about it tomorrow. Until then, hack away :-)

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